Project Staff:


Ryan Rabett (Principal Investigator), School of Natural & Built Environment, QUB (


Fiona Coward (Co-Investigator) Dept. of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science, Bournemouth University


Tran Tan Van (Co-Investigator) Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources (VIGMR)


Christopher Stimpson (Research Fellow: Zooarchaeology / Palaeoecology), School of Natural & Built Environment, QUB


Thorsten Kahlert (Research Fellow: GIS & Landscape Modelling), School of Natural & Built Environment, QUB


Shawn O’Donnell (Research Fellow: Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction), School of Natural & Built Environment, QUB

Mai Huong

Nguyen Thi Mai Huong (Affiliated Researcher and consultant: Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction), Dept. of Anthropology & Palaeoenvironment, Institute of Archaeology, Hanoi; School of  Natural & Built Environment, QUB

Ben Utting_trimmed

Benjamin Utting (Xuan Truong Studentship) PhD: Exploring prehistoric technology at the Trang An Landscape Complex, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam, Dept. ofArchaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge


Ioanna Bachtsevanidou Strantzali (Xuan Truong Studentship) MPhil: The impact of geographic variability and species diversity on modern carbon off-sets within the genus Cyclophorus, School of Natural & Built Environment, QUB

Evan Hill

Evan Hill (Xuan Truong Research Assistantship): An assessment of the long-term environmental, climatic and anthropogenic impacts on the creation of a reliable carbon off-set in the dating of archaeological shell-bearing midden sites: A study using the tropical terrestrial snail genus Cyclophorus spp. School of Natural & Built Environment, QUB


Rachael Holmes (Site Supervisor), University of Leicester (PhD student)


David Simpson (Project Affiliate: Palynology – Funding: Xuan Truong Enterprise), School of Natural & Built Environment, QUB

Completed Undergraduate Dissertations:

Emilie Green (QUB) – The Utilisation of Archaeometric Methods for the Compositional and Residual Analysis of Dabutian Pottery Fragments from the Ninh Binh Province, Northern Vietnam

Rachael Holmes (Bournemouth University) – Phytolith Analysis of Đa Bút and Phùng Nguyên Cave Sites in Tràng An, Northern Vietnam

Ciaran Kelly (QUB) – A zooarchaeological study from Tràng An, Vietnam

Meghan McAllister (QUB) – Modelling Magnetic Susceptibility of Cave Sediments to Expand the Multi-Proxy Approach for Dating Southeast Asian Palaeomonsoons

Aaron Redmond (QUB) – Comparative Characteristics of Two Small Assemblages in Relation to Taphonomy and Taxonomy for the Hang Ang Noi Cave in the Ninh Binh Province of Northern Vietnam

Amy Jennings (QUB) – New evidence on the role of bone technology across the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in Southeast Asia

Sarah Kirk (QUB) – Did physical attributes play a role in the choice of caves (and used consistently) during the Early and Mid Holocene in Southeast Asia?

Liam Og Magill (QUB) – A statistical analysis of perforated shell discs from Hang Thung Binh 1 cave, Trang An Landscape Complex, Vietnam

Project Collaborators and Associates:


Bui Van Manh (Director, Dept. of Tourism, Ninh Binh)


Nguyên Cao Tân (Dept. of Culture & Sport, Ninh Binh)

Darren Mann (Head of Life Collections, Oxford University Museum of Natural History)

Mark Carnall (Life Collections, Oxford University Museum of Natural History)


Pham Sinh Khánh (Vice Director, Tràng An Landscapes Complex Management Board)

Nguyen Dai Trung (Dept. of Tectonics & Geomorphology, VIGMR)

Nguyen Van Truong (Xuan Truong Enterprise)

Bích Nguyen Thị (Xuan Truong Enterprise)

Nguyen Khac Su (Vietnam Institute of Archaeology)

Paul Dingwall (IUCN)

Tran Thi Hoang Mai  (Deputy Director – General, Department of Cultural Diplomacy and UNESCO Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam)

Supervisors and Advisors:

Paula Reimer

Paula Reimer (QUB PhD Co-supervisor), School of Natural & Built Environment, QUB

Philip Nigst

Philip Nigst (Cambridge MPhil/PhD Co-supervisor), Dept. of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge

NFL_Profile picture

Natalie Ludgate (QUB PhD Advisor), School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London

External Collaborators:


Risa Morimoto (Dept. of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Iza Romanowska (Computational Modelling Group, University of Southampton)


Jennifer French (Dept. of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge) / Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, UCL

Paul Williams (School of Environment, University of Auckland)


Queen’s University Belfast

Bournemouth University

Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources

University of Cambridge

Ninh Binh Provincial People’s Committee

Ministry of Tourism (Vietnam)

Ministry of Culture (Vietnam)

Xuan Truong Enterprise

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit

Vietnam Institute of Archaeology

(Featured image: coring in the vicinity of the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital – R. Rabett)