Nguyen Thi Mai Huong

Mai Huong

I am a palynologist based at the Institute of Archaeology, Hanoi. My research has focused on the vegetation history and palaeoenvironmental evidence from archaeological sites in Northern Vietnam; the impact of environmental changes on the lives of ancient people; and the history of agricultural crops. I completed my PhD in Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies at the University of Tokyo in March 2014.

As a specialist in the environmental history, I co-directed a project to develop a pollen bank for this part of the country (2008-09); a collaboration between the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France. Working with colleagues from the Institute of Archaeology, the Tràng An Management Board and overseas partners, I was also directly involved in the preparation of the State Party’s nomination of Tràng An as a World Heritage site in 2013. My contribution included analysis of several sites within the massif (e.g. Hang Moi, Mai Da Vang, Thung Binh and Ong Hay); the results from which I was able to compare with my studies from archaeological sites in the vicinity of Tràng An (including from Man Bac, Dong Son and Con Moong).

As an Affiliated Researcher and consultant on the SUNDASIA Project (2017-2019), I shall be working with project colleagues to develop a detailed picture of the relationship between landscape change and ancient human activities in Tràng An, and its bearing on changing conditions in northern Vietnam today.